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Activities and Excursions

Whether the stay is long or short, our activities are both amusing, unique and adequate for all kinds of needs, for families, for friends, and for work colleagues to abandon themselves and have their doze of adrenaline, the diversity of our excursions & activities provides our guests with several choices to satisfy their different desires. The length of each excursion is different from one another, the destination is too.

Off-road Buggy Excursions

Buggy excursions are a whole other thing in the mountains, as you break through the land, & your adrenaline level goes up the charts, the CAN-AM Buggy are very powerful & are soft on the environment as well, the air brushes against your skin & you feel majestic.

Horseback Riding

From the climax of adrenaline to our calm & soothing horseback riding activities, through the forest our horses & horseback riding monitors take you in a stress relieving experience connecting you to nature & to the clean & refreshing air as you approach the sea of tangier.

Boat Charters